Capricorn District Municipality participated in the Gender Based Violence Dialogue held at Ga-Kibi Traditional Authority on 20 October 2020. The dialogue was organized by Mamadi Advice Centre in partnership with Blouberg Municipality and Capricorn District Municipality Special Focus gender units targeting older persons, early childhood development principals, drop in centers and victim support center.
The main objective of the session was to talk to women about Gender Based Violence and Self respect. The session covered what GBV it's all about, why do women stay in abusive relationships, what should be done and where to report.

Naledi Masipa Gender Coordinator at CDM gave a presentation focusing on Self-respect and Social Worker Johanna Rapanyane tackled GVB.

"When you know yourself, treat yourself with respect and celebrate any little goal you achieve in life, it doesn't matter how small it may look. Another important thing is to have time for our children and give them an ear. We need to listen to them and love them unconditionally", said Masipa.

"There is a need to talk about GBV openly as it affects all of us. Women are more victims and in rural areas its even worse as people choose to keep silent in fear of being judged and victimized by the community", said Social Worker Rapanyane.

"You sit and watch a neighbor being abused calling her names. You have to act because that my lead to death", said Rapanyane.
Children are sexually assaulted lured by money, women are called names in their households being abused emotionally. People are denied financial freedom as they are left to starve although there is an income in the house.

GBV can be caused by poverty, peer pressure with children being lured by material, lack of education can make a child vulnerable and loose hope, growing up in abusive families and cultural norms that discriminate against women.

GBV reports are high in marriages, relationships, entertainment areas, schools, workplaces

"In most cases GBV has consequences and scars that are irreparable and permanent such as teenage pregnancy, HIV/Aids, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, depression, suicide and death. In schools and pre-schools teachers have a responsibility to care for the children in their presence. They must monitor the children and report any suspicious behavior to social workers", emphasized Rapanyane.

She added that abuse is about power and control over the next person. People remain in abusive relationships because of various reasons such as poverty, fear, money, embarrassment, shame, low self-esteem and unfortunately it causes permanent damage to a person and families.

"The pain of abuse remain so deep in the mind of the victims and gets deeply rooted in the life of a victim forever. Let's make it all our responsibility to report abuse and drive change. When you keep quite you are perpetuating the abusive behavior. We must protect our children all the time", said Rapanyane responding and encouraging women attending the session.

Mamadi Advice Centre is a non-profit organization funded by the Women's Voice & Leadership South Africa which is a project under Gender Links funded by Canadian Government.

Cllr John Mpe - The Executive Mayor

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