Executive Mayor of Capricorn District Municipality, Cllr John Mpe has commended all taxi operators in the district for their sterling, Herculean stance against the planned acts of violence, theft and damage to property that posed serious threat to lives and livelihoods of residents and visitors.
During a stakeholder session with SANTACO, traditional leaders and businesses on Friday morning, Mpe lauded them for their patriotic efforts in preventing the brewing, heinous criminality. He said their efforts have saved government and private sector millions in rebuilding infrastructure that could have been stolen and damaged on a massive scale, as seen in some parts of KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng.
“You are the unsung heroes who were courageously on high alert and prepared to protect lives, businesses and public infrastructure with unflinching hearts and unwavering spirits, even at the greatest risk of your own lives”, he said, adding that their determination to join law enforcement in this cause showed that indeed crime prevention is a complex process that requires a broad set of responses from everyone affected in order to re-affirm peace and order.
Capricorn district is known for being a safer, peaceful and liveable region which prides itself with the friendly bonds of ethnic relations of people-to-people and social cohesion built on the foundation of humaneness, compassion and ubuntu. “CDM therefore salutes you for rising to the occasion and staying alive to the consciousness about the deep devastating effects that the acts of damage and theft would have had on job security, commuting, freight and food security”, he said.
The District Command Council has always appreciated the cordial partnership with the taxi industry and businesses in fighting the covid-19 pandemic and to ensure safer roads. “It is for this reason we were worried about the impact that the unrest would have on the transportation, storage and roll-out of our covid-19 vaccines, especially now that we are on the eve of rolling out the vaccination programme to 35-49 years age-group, but this will continue as smoothly as planned, thanks to your patriotic efforts of preventing the disruptions”, he said.
“We can never reward you fully for your sacrifice. And as Capricorn District, we will continue to grow this partnership in leaps and bounds”, Mpe concluded.

Cllr John Mpe - The Executive Mayor

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